The Character of CreationDiscovering the relationship between Biblical creation and modern scientific discoveries
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About "The Character of Creation":


This is the site of David M. Doria's "The Character of Creation" project and book. 

Book Overview: The book discusses topics relating to science, the Bible, and creation, and covers (this is just a few) the following areas from a Christian perspective:
  • The relationship between Biblical creation and modern scientific discoveries such as the Big Bang theory, the complexity of life, physical law and the specialness of the Earth
  • The notion of laws of physics and that these are proclaimed in the Bible
  • The Bible told us over two thousand years ago that the Lord stretched out the heavens, which was not known to science until the early twentieth century
  • According to Biblical Scripture, God created the Earth to be inhabited, and there are quite a number of scientific evidences of how special the Earth is
  • Design is pervasive in nature, lending evidence to the idea of both a very special and a purposeful creation
  • Both the Bible and modern cosmology agree that the universe had an actual beginning
  • Explanations for life based on random chance have not succeeded in explaining the highly complex nature of biochemical structure and function; this points to an all-wise Creator rather than chance as a better explanation of these modern scientific observations
  • Scientists have discovered that the constants of nature have values that are very precisely arranged, without which human life would not be possible
  • The creation is wearing down, which was also predicted in the Bible; this prediction is consistent with the second law of thermodynamics
  • The creation is a witness to us of God's goodness


Chapter Summaries
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